davide maione

Davide Maione (b.1978, Piacenza, IT) is a photographic artist currently based between Berlin, Germany and Seville, Spain. 

Born and raised in northern Italy, Davide began his artistic journey by nurturing his interest in music, film and photography. He soon started playing music in local bands, while also curating artworks and visuals for the scene forming in the area. In this period he founded BeHereRecords, a tiny indie label that served him as a means to release music of the nascent local music scene.

In his early twenties Davide relocated to London, UK, where he graduated in Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster. Following his graduation the University of Westminster awarded him a scholarship to continue his studies in the MA program in Photographic Studies -completed with distinction. During these academic years Davide had the chance to be mentored by artists and theorists he admired and that helped him shape and broaden his approach in the understanding and study of photography and art. During his time in London he worked as an assistant for art photographer Mitra Tabrizian on her series “Leicestershire” and on various editorial and commercial fashion assignments for Akio Fukushima and Timur Celikdag. Soon after landing a full time position as in-house photographer at Lluster.com, in 2013 Davide was offered a position as a Studio Manager at Fab.com in Berlin, Germany -where he relocated. 

It is in Berlin that in 2015 Davide began to work as a freelance photographer for various clients (such as Marc Schulthess Design, Green Edge, DBY, Five Elephant Berlin, TANZ FABRIK) and tech companies (Numan, Chal Tech, Elektronik Star, Fy, Juniqe, Urbanara, Mobisol). In Berlin Davide discovered an inspiring and supportive art scene open to collaborative and interdisciplinary practices. In Berlin he soon became involved within the art and music scene as a cultural producer, curator and facilitator for art and music events. And yet, as a photographer, he became known for documenting the local scene and for producing posters, artworks and portraits.

Davide is currently based between Berlin and Seville, Spain, where he continues to work as a photographer and educator in the fields of photography and visual arts, as well as pursuing personal projects as a musician and video artist.





  • 2009-2011 MA Photographic Studies, University of Westminster, London, UK
  • 2003-2007 BA(Hons) Photographic Arts, University of Westminster, London, UK


  • 05-07/2023 The Sunday Matinee, City Shapers, BMA Gallery, Berlin, DE
  • 08/2021 To a Place I can’t Pronounce, Alligator:Go!, Münich, DE
  • 08/2020 5 Years of The Sunday Matinee, Zukunft, Berlin, DE
  • 11/2017 What Are You Looking At? Ambika P3, London, UK
  • 08/2016 Masculin Féminin, Ponderosa Tanzland, Brandenburg, DE
  • 04/2013 MACHT KUNST, Alten Münze, Berlin, DE
  • 08/2012 Titanikas Gallery, Vilnius Art Academy, Villinius, LT
  • 07/2012 Summer Show, Foto8 Gallery, London, UK
  • 07/2012 Epicentre, Arles, FR
  • 06/2012 Open Now, Gallery of Photography, Dublin, IE
  • 05/2012 Open Now, Belfast Photo Factory, Belfast, NIR
  • 04/2012 Slideluck Potshow, AOP Gallery, London, UK
  • 03/2012 The Collection, Marburae Gallery, Macclesfield, UK
  • 01/2012 Re-Imagine: Ourselves, curated by the Yara Art Group, Ukrainian Institute, New York City, USA
  • 01/2012 U-N-F-O-R-S-E-E-N? You Tell Us!, Studio 106 Art Gallery, London, UK
  • 09/2011 3rdWeekend Showcase, Villa Morgana, San Colombano -Milan, IT
  • 09/2011 MA Photographic Studies, Ambika P3, London, UK
  • 08/2011 Summer Show, London Gallery West, London, UK
  • 05/2011 Interim, London Gallery West, London, UK
  • 02-12/2011 The FACE: Evolution of Portrait in Photography (Traveling exhibition through Russia: Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, St. Petersburg)
  • 06/2007 Free Range, Atlantis Gallery, London, UK
  • 05/2007 Where Do The Children Play, Westbourne Studios, London, UK
  • 12/2005 Remembrance, "Art at Carnaby" National Campaign for the Arts Award, London, UK
  • 07/2005 Transactive Chambers, Ritzy Cinema, Brixton, London, UK
  • 06/2005 Transactive Chambers, Public Beware, Brick Lane, London, UK


  • 2016/Current: Curator, Photographer and Designer, The Sunday Matinee, Berlin, DE
  • 08/2021 Guest Artist, Alligator:Go! Festival, Munich, DE
  • 11/2018 Guest Artist, Leute machen Kleider, Roxy, Ulm, DE
  • 08/2016 AIR, Ponderosa Tanzland, Brandenburg, DE
  • 09/2016 AIR at Vila Real en Dansa, Villa Real, ES
  • 02/2013 Der Greif on-line platform, Guest-editor, Munich, DE
  • 06/2012 Winner, 17th edition of Voies Off Festival 2012, Arles, FR
  • 06/2012 Nominated, 7th Annual Black & White Spider Awards, London/Los Angeles
  • 05/2012 Winner Flash Forward - Emerging Photographers 2012. Awarded by Magenta Foundation, CAN
  • 11/2011 Artist in Residence for Wallace Records, 3 week residency, Lecce, IT
  • 10/2011 Nominated for the Lumi Photographic Art Awards, Helsinki, FIN
  • 09-12/2008 Artist in Residence for Forgotten Peacock. Awarded by ArtLuxe, London, UK
  • 12/2005 Awarded by National Campaign for the Arts for Transactive Chambers
  • 06-08/2005 National Portrait Gallery, Cameroon - London: 8-week residency supported and exhibited at the NPG, London, UK


  • 05/2023 City Shapers 'zine, BMA Gallery, Berlin, DE
  • 09/2019 Digital in Berlin Magazine, Berlin, DE
  • 10/2017 What Are You Looking At?, Exhibition Catalogue, London, UK
  • 11/2012 Der Greif #6, Munich, DE
  • 05/2012 UnFamed Magazine #1, Milan, IT
  • 01/2012 Catlin Guide, London, UK
  • 10/2011 Source Photographic Review, UK
  • 09/2011 Source Photographic Review, UK
  • 09/2011 MAPS2011, Exhibition Catalogue, London, UK
  • 12/2008 Marche, Tokyo, JP
  • 05/2006 National Campaign for the Arts News, issue 72, London, UK
  • 07/2005 Picturehouse Cinemas Bulletin, UK